Created, Written & Updated by: goatsPartially Written, Translated, and Special Thanks to Doggo, WhoseGamewasitZ, Cap, Yamini, 4rctic 1. Custom Shortcuts2. Speed3. Spoofing Location4. Joystick5. Hide PGSharp6. Hide Trainer Name7. Inventory IV8. Encounter IV9. Caught Preview10. Enhanced Throw11. Map 12. Tap to Walk/Teleport13. Nearby Radar14. Quick Sniper(Feed)15. Cooldown Timer16. Auto Incubator17. Quick Catch18. Skip Cutscenes19. Block …

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PvP Rank

It may seem intuitive that higher IVs result in a stronger Pokemon that’s better for PVP. And for Master League where there’s no CP limit, that’s certainly the case. However, when there’s a limit to how high your Pokemon’s CP can be, such as in Great and Ultra League, things are a little more complicated. …

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About Us

About Us PGSharp is a pioneer in-game service and brings some of the biggest innovations in-game service. We help lots of users and make gaming easier. We’ve continued to serve worldwide users and are widely credited with the users. Contact Us We are available to help with game and billing issues. Email: [email protected]

Refund Policy

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS Customers may cancel services at any time in the billing control panel.Customer may request a full refund for the service when all of the following conditions are met:1. Payment is made via Credit Card2. None of the payments have been previously or currently disputed3. Payment was created 30 or fewer days agoAfter …

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