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It usually happens after you change a new phone or upgrade the Android OS. Please login and navigate to Services -> My Services, select the license key you want to reset, and click the Clear Registered Devices button. After that, please restart the app to try again.

If you paid via Paypal, the service is usually activated within a few minutes. Sometimes it may take 3-5 hours to go through us. If your service is still pending after 5 hours, the payment may be held on or failed to go through us. In this case, please feel free to open a ticket on our website. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

If you paid via Boleto Brasil, it usually takes a few days for the payment gateway to confirm. Please be patient and wait for 3-10 days, if your service is still not activated after 10 days, please open a ticket to let us know.

After purchase, please login your account on our website and navigate to Services->My Services to find your license.
If it’s still not activated or you can’t find it, please submit a ticket. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Sorry, currently it’s not able to sign in the game via your Google account directly and it won’t be supported in the near future.
But you can link the game account to your Facebook account, and then sign in via your FB account next time.

You can login your account, navigate to Services -> My Services, select the license key you want to cancel, and click the Request Cancellation to stop it.

After cancellation, your license key is still valid until the due date.

Yes, it should be compatible with Go Plus and Gotcha.

Since the server resource is limited, the app requires being activated before signing in.

As the above mentioned, the server resource is limited. In order to control the total number of users, we have to put a limit on the amount of the keys we can supply.